Name Emblem Ensemble

Name Emblem Ensemble

Name Emblem Ensemble

Buy all 3 pieces together and save 20%!!

Ever dreamed of your name in shining lights? Now you can make it a reality!

Be the envy of those around you. Express your individuality, even if others share your name!

Exclusive designs tailored just for you - our name emblems are one-of-a-kind!

Ready to shine? Choose up to 3 vibrant colors and the name of your choosing. Our skilled designers will create magic. Once the designs are ready, we will reach out to you for approval. From there, it's straight to production and soon after to a closet near you!

  1. Place order
  2. Email us with your order number as subject
  3. In email, tell us your 3 colors and the name you want to use. We will email you the proofs for you to choose the one you like.

If you are not wanting to get all 3 pieces, or want them in different colors, you can buy each piece individually under our Customizable Pieces tab.

*Please note: pictured design is just a reference (based on CEO's name and favorite color) and not the finished product*

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