Sascha (Shae) Johnson


Introducing Sascha Johnson, Founder of Salutations For Us

Meet the driving force behind Salutations For Us – Sascha, also known as Shae. In 2021, this passionate entrepreneur established the online boutique with the aim of bringing art and self-expression to life through clothing.

Shae's journey into the world of fashion and graphic tees wasn't an easy one. Despite facing extenuating circumstances, her commitment and resilience led her to create Salutations For Us – a platform that celebrates individuality, urban culture, and the power of personal expression.

At Salutations For Us, customers can expect a personal touch, attention to detail, and a blend of local culture and global trends, thanks to Shae's unwavering commitment to her vision. Additionally, the boutique enables customers to collaborate on custom designs for special events or bulk orders.

Shae's entrepreneurial spirit and artistic vision have made her a true visionary in the world of fashion and self-expression. With a focus on creativity, inclusivity, and community, Salutations For Us is a reflection of her passion.

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